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Travel – ‘An Interactive learning’

Children of age 10 and below loves to hear stories and they are also very eager to tell the stories.

In this article, we discuss five possible activities that can be done with chidren of grade V


  • Identify and list the monuments/forts of India.
  • Enquire and understand the importance of historical monuments in and around your area.

Understanding the School's History

  • Children can be asked to collect information on the history of your school with the help of parents, grandparents or any educationist.
    • When was it established?
    • How was the infrastructure?
  • Then arrange a session with any one of the village men of that area and talk about the village with them.
  • Then ask students to gather information about the old buildings or monuments or temples near their house.

Students can collect ancient objects like walking sticks, wooden slipper, mud pots etc.

Forts and Monuments

  • Children can be asked to list the forts/ monuments (known ones) and asked to explain its feature (its aerial view, carvings, etc). 
  • Then screen the video of some historical forts like Gingee fort, Vellore fort and ask questions about it
  • Then the teacher can show pictures/charts of the monuments/forts.
    • Red fort at Delhi
    • Gateway of India
    • Humayun tomb at Delhi

Classroom museum/albums

Ask the students to bring or collect ancient old things / articles which have been used by our grandparents (like walking sticks, wooden slippers, pots, etc). Students will exhibit these things in the classroom and talk about them.

  • Students can collect ancient objects like walking sticks, wooden slipper, mud pots etc.
  • Display the objects for the class
  • Discuss about the objects, its uses and the reasons behind their use

Make it as an exhibition of these and display it to all the class students.

Students can be asked to collect old coins, stamps, pictures and prepare an album and it can be displayed in the classroom.

Heritage walk

Teacher can arrange a field trip to heritage buildings or historical places in Pondicherry. 

Children can be taken to museum, Bharathiyar house, Aayi mandapam, Keezhur, Arikamedu, etc.

After visiting the place, students can discuss in class.

  • How did you visit the place? 
  • What is the name of the place?
  • Point out the significance of the place
  • Draw the place

This will help the students to understand the lesson better and give a wonderful learning experience. 

Teacher: M.Nithiya, PST, GPS Archivakpet.

Term: Term 1