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Tens and ones

Test Prior Knowledge

Colour the Grid:  Teacher gives grid sheets and gives instruction; within a short period of time students colour the grid sheet grouping of 10 grids. When the time is up they have to stop colouring and start counting the group of tens and see how many ones are left. After doing this, they will write the answer in the proper place.

Big and Small: Teacher draws big and small balls on the floor using different colours. Big balls represent 10 points and small balls represent 1 point. Teacher divides the class into two groups and gives above instruction. When the students hear the whistle sound, one student comes from each group and the ring on the balls; whoever scores most points is the Winner. Through this game student will learn to compare numbers and understand the expanded form of a number.

Money: Teacher makes a paper bag and puts in it some ₹.10 and ₹.1 fake notes. She then gives this bag to all the students. They will open the money bag and count how many notes are in it. Later, they will paste them on a card and write the total amount.

Create Locker: Students make the locker for their number themselves. Two paper cups of different size and ask students to label the two cups as TENS and ONES.

On the ONE’s cup, ask students to write umbers from 0-9 around the mouth of the cup.

One the TEN’s cup, ask students to write numbers from 10-90 around the mouth of the cup.

Now place the One’s cup over the Ten’s cup. Now we can rotate the cups to form different two digit numbers. Students will play with the cups. Through this they will learn the place value of two digit numbers and will be able to express that in expanded form.

Price Tag: Students themselves select things from a pool of items on the table and write price tag for them. After this, each student can write the name of their item on a piece of paper and place it in a bowl. Some fake money can be placed on a tray. Students can choose the item chits from the bowl. They need to count money from the fake currency tray enough to buy the item. 

Teacher: Shanmugapriya, PST, GPS Kodathur.


Term: Term 1

Primary Maths